What makes Scala Algorithms special?

  1. It is a unique and most comprehensive intersection of Scala and Algorithms.
  2. The programming style is standard pure-functional immutable vanilla Scala.
  3. The algorithms come with detailed explanations and proofs where appropriate.
  4. The algorithms come with test cases to verify our algorithms and your solutions.
  5. Comes with the on-line test-driven IDE which lets you get started immediately.

In short: it gives all you need to attain mastery in a highly sought-after skill.

Why is Scala Algorithms being built?

Scala, while the most-widely adopted advanced programming language, from anecdotal evidence, does not always get chosen for many projects; primary concerns are hiring and training difficulties which are well warranted. This resource aims to contribute to grow Scala into the mainstream through broad and deep, yet highly accessible education.

What is the model of Scala Algorithms?

Test cases and skeletons are available for everybody to help them build their own solutions; the rest are available under a membership. This is to ensure that the platform is self-sustaining and fully tended to. Some readers send their own solutions to us which is fantastic 😊.

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