What resources would you recommend to further improve my Scala?
Learn SBT, Scala's Build Tool: Essential SBT. This will improve your skillset significantly.
At what level do I need to be before undertaking Scala Algorithms?
We recommend you to get familiar with TDD (test-driven development), but otherwise programming background is not really necessary. Experienced and new programmers will be challenged alike because immutable algorithms work differently and have a learning curve.
What should I expect to be able to do after Scala Algorithms?
Of the most importance is that you would learn to design your code in a much cleaner and predictable fashion.
Who is behind Scala Algorithms?
Scala William, a Scala expert of 9 years, who holds a BA in Mathematics from the University of Cambridge. He has worked with Scala in a wide range of environments including finance, data science, and start-ups.
How do I cancel my subscription?
Go to your Profile (top right person icon), and click . After this, your subscription will expire automatically and you will not be charged further.
Can I get a non-recurring subscription?
After purchasing, in your profile, the subscription immediately and you will not be charged further. Your access will remain until the end of the the subscription period; for example a month from now if bought a monthly, a year if bought a yearly.